Monday, January 7, 2008

Bismarck Mandan Lawyer: How can I help my lawyer?

* Be honesty and open
* Tell the lawyer all the facts, even the ones that you think are "bad".
* Keep your lawyer up to date on any events or any changes relating to your file.
* Ask for advice in plain language and summarize how you understand it.
* Ask to be directed to any reading that you could do to better understand.
* Ask for a description of the steps your lawyer plans to take and think about the way you could help at each step.
* Stay informed and keep track of what transpires on your file.
* Take notes at all meetings and list tasks to be completed.
* Ask for copies of all correspondence on file.
* Have confidence in your lawyer's advice and follow his/her instructions.
* Do not harass your lawyer. If you need more attention, discuss way in which he/she can keep you informed.
* Be prepared to accept both positive and negative advice.
* Never do anything concerning your case without consulting your lawyer.
* Provide information to your lawyer as soon as possible after he/she requests it.
* Pay your bills on time and be available if your lawyer needs you.

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