Monday, January 7, 2008

The Best of Bismarck Mandan Lawyers

Do you need a Bismarck Mandan Lawyer?

Q. When do I need a lawyer?

A. Some things may be handled best by a lawyer. You should always talk with a lawyer as soon as possible:
if you are sued,
before you admit or deny guilt for a crime,
before you make a statement to the police or
if you have been in a serious accident which injured someone or damaged property.
You should also consult a lawyer early if:
you are considering a lawsuit,
you are considering divorce or adoption,
someone in your family dies,
you want a will or need estate planning,
you are considering bankruptcy,
you have tax problems,
you are buying or selling a home, or
you are organizing or dissolving a business.
What to do if you don't know. If you have any doubt about whether your situation requires a lawyer's help, you can ask a lawyer about it. Consult with one early, before your situation gets worse. Many will do an initial consultation or answer simple questions free of charge. You may also inquire with a lawyer referral service.
Representing yourself. You have the right to represent yourself in a civil or criminal case. You should do so, however, only if you completely understand the legal issues and the procedures involved. You should also understand that you may be at a disadvantage if you get too emotionally caught up in the case, and you should represent yourself only if you are willing to accept that risk and others. Also the judge in your case may require that you have a lawyer represent you.
Other ways to get help in Bismarck Mandan. Before hiring a Fargo lawyer, you may want to find out if you can get the assistance you need from another source. A local, state, or federal governmental agency may be able to answer your questions or solve your problem. Also, check with your local Better Business Bureau, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, alternative dispute resolution center, television station, or some other private agency to see if they can help. In addition, don't forget your insurance agent, accountant, banker, stockbroker, minister, state legislator, other local representative, or private counselor

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